How do I earn points?

It is very easy to earn points. You will earn points on each individual product and the points are automatically calculated based on the product price.

How are points rewarded?

Points are automatically calculated based on the product price, every 10 dollars you spent you will earn 1point.
– 100 points is equivalent to $10. Example: If you have made a purchase of $1000, you will receive 100 points and those points are valued at $10

Where do I see my points?

Simply log into your account and go to your “My Account” dashboard and you will see the “My Points” tab.

How do I redeem my reward points?

On the checkout page you will see a notice regarding the usage of your points, click “Apply Discount” and enter the amount of points you wish to use.



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Please submit a screen shot of your posts/reviews and send us a link to [email protected] in order to receive your rewards

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  • Buy Weed Online
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